Monday, December 27, 2010

Typical Foot Blister of The Large Variety

Oh Joy.
Not sure how this happened.
There was the start of something last dressing change.
I was very surprised it grew like this.  We've been chalking her displeasure up to teething of late.
I thought I'd show a little video of how the operation looks like.
The back ground bouncing sound is Cordelia playing basketball with our yoga ball; in the living room, of course.  The last comment before I was cut off was "we can blame that one on Andrew".  He was to busy looking good for the camera. haha..
Over all.  I'd say this went very well.  Raquel was calm and fed right through, less the moment I pushed the fluid out of the blister.

Raquel blowing bubbles (top side)

I've recently discovered a super star kid with EB.  Talk about your courage.  I like the part where his dad told him he was a good kid because he didn't wreck anything when he was young, yet his glasses made it under the tire of a car.  Back to my future visions of Raquel.  Just a little before the mysterious woman in a veil is a happy kid full of life like Zack.

Oh yeah.
We've had a bout of a mild version of pink eye in the family.  Tough wiping guck out of a kids eye you don't dare wipe guck out of.

Hopefully this little photo montage didn't start it all over again.

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