Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Animal Trainer

As reference to my last blog, I've had a few people giggle and suggest I might soon get my head eaten off by a lioness whom I may have pissed off.  Seeing eye to eye is something that is either just that or something like two magnets at odds or eye to navel. Who's navel is at what height is the question and obviously subjective.
Anyway, a psychologist has suggested to Ren to read the book 123 Magic. I think in relation to Coco's fear of death, which is nearly in hysteria. She'll ask questions and as they lead to her fear the only answer I can give is death and of course she then breaks down and starts screaming and crying. I've had to lie a few times, especially when asking about hypothermia and the sailing classes she doesn't want to goto, since there are only boys.
Ren came to me and read a passage from the book since my only reading is either architectural code, world news or fiction.  
Grownups who hold fast to the Little Adult Assumption will tend to rely on words and reasons when dealing with young kids.  Talking and explaining certainly have a place in raising young children, but kids are just kids - not little adults.  "Childhood is a period of transitory psychosis." Kids are basically bat shit nutty and to deal / cope as a parent requires a kind of dictatorship. The writer goes on to explain to break with the Little Adult Assumption try "cognitive shock therapy".  Imagine the little people as ummm, little lions or monsters making yourself the wild animal trainer.

I do see later in book (skimming) my stern zero to Mr Hyde isn't the way either.  But I was elated to see that democracy and council for youngsters hasn't become the new normal. 
Somewhere in there I'm likely looking at someone's naval. 

Kids are kids.  Till they can cook, clean, do laundry and be seemingly independent a democratic parent I will not be, especially when Raqu must have painful sores manipulated and cleaned near daily.  

Sucks to be my kids I guess.

Raqu had a bad day with the cornea.  Lost of crying.  Blood blister under tongue last night and one in esophagus too.  As she crushed and coughed it out she tongued the one at edge of lip.  Soo much fun needling children,  hahaha and parents too.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lost the MOJO

Haven't been into writing or relaying the exploits of my littlest Princess at all.

It's summer and there are plenty of things to do outside being indoors with computer, outside of designing houses and arguing with city planners for the sake of a client and good design.

But yes, 'NO' news is 'GOOD' news.

Raquel is at her best right now.  Very little in terms of pain.  In fact we've not given her baseline pain dosing on many occasions as she's either becoming able to manage her own pain thresholds or who knows?
During our last dressing change, a nurse and I were cutting a ballon on her heel 2"x1" and about a half inch bulging.  After snipping it and watching the splash of fluid hit the floor and warning nurse to hold on to Raqu's appendages as I squeezed out the remaining fluid.  Raqu just looked at us and smiled a coy grin and said "what" with upturned hands.  A funny little gesture and questioning she's been doing a lot of lately, when we look surprised at something she's done.  Like an old wise person is locked deep inside that little girl and appears for a moment to explain, 'why shouldn't this have happened', 'why can't I be so clever', or 'what's the big deal'?

Her moods and determination are stronger by the week .  She's argumentative and will stand her ground for as long as it takes.  Which usually ends up as a long 'time out' for her.  Coco never had such outbursts or defiance that required us to stand in and lay down the law in order to step her back to reality.

I'm not say'n, but she does have a buddy that pushes the grounds, some in which I've not seen eye to eye with her parents.  There are certainly some carry over issues when time spent together is beyond an evening here or there.  I do admit she's a handful to begin with, but the entitlement that seeing her buddy go to places we're not at all happy with is something I worry about to an end I haven't quite placed or decided on.

We have another pain meet tomorrow which we'll try Raqu's meds so that we can get at her feet when needed.  Except, her feet are near perfect at the moment, well less the recent one on her heel.  I wish these invasive hospital meets could be arranged when we're in that suffering stage. But we don't have a 'pain team' of sorts at moment, so unfortunately not an option if it ever was.

Today while taking Coco to Playland and doing our best not to let Raqu in on what we were up to, so to avoid a melt down of being left out, yet again.  It's likely that if we didn't have a new nurse training we would have attempted to bring her along for the kiddy rides.

Anyway, I found out how OLD I am and that I have to retire from the twirly rides forever!!!!
All I'll say is that Coco was lucky she choose the inside seat on the swinging chair that took us up 100' spinning in a whirling dervish after we did the 'Corkscrew'.  I'm sorry it wasn't rain but corn and chicken that sprinkled those in the line waiting for a seat.  I'm also sorry that I was the reason the ride was shut down for 20 minutes as the young students summer employment extended to cleaning up for an old guy no longer with a strong constitution.
Poor Coco.  She got all of five rides before her dad had to be chauffeured home as I was unable to drive and 5 hours later still think it's not a good idea.
What was really funny was explaining to Andrew who ditched his work to rescue his puke covered, white faced, quivering buddy and upset and deprived niece was the part where I explained in full
detail about trying in vain to swallow my own vomit several times from splattering a larger area of attraction goers while under great spinning pressure.  In near hysterical crying laughter I watched him instantly start to gag and nearly filling his own car dash board on the way home.  Despite how weak I felt I don't think I've laughed that hard in years.
Yes I know.
But who writes this anyway?

Raqu found lipstick after I pulled it out of Ren's seldom used kit to put a red dot on Coco's forehead. I was surprised she knew what it was and decided to look pretty all on her own.  Oh yeah, there was also a moment a while back where it was much less funny when Raqu and her buddy painted their faces purple like Mel Gibson in Braveheart while unsupervised for 10 mins with Coco's hair chalk. At first sight of her smiling proud face I had thought her whole face was going to shortly and eventually blister and smudge off.  There was a picture taken at that moment, I nearly gave way to inner rage and crushed the camera as any sence of fun and play against losing all the skin on her face needed to be understood by all.  But somehow I remained within myself and quietly waited to see if the biggest baddest blister of nightmarish EB horror would come to pass. Worse, was we were an 1 1/2hrs from civilization should she have been wrapped like a mummy.  Lucky, I didn't freak.

Raqu and her buddy A.KA. 'The Fang' at Raqu's BDay.

Showing off her new gloves and ability to point and show numbers.
Raqu being Santa
 Swim in the lake. I'm always surprised by how sturdy her physique is.