Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silence means?

Silence means everything is going very well,
Or that it's going very badly?

At the moment and for a long while things have been amazing.
Raquel has become a total chatter box.  She'll be talking to herself in a world of her own at any given moment.  On and on and on she'll go.  It's hysterical to listen to.  But of course I'm caught on her vocabulary and the fact she's a couple mumbles from nailing the alphabet.  She has the tune, rhythm and bars but a few letters sound like me singing any song not made at or before when I was in high school, nahhh not even then.  Words smerds are for nerds.  So I make it clear I'm not bothered by a couple omisions and it's perfect to me.  It's just that today I urged Raquel to phone Simona to sing her the alphabet and as I momentarily basked in my daughters glory Simona pushed the needle screaching off the record to the reality of silence and that M, N, O, P sounded more like mnnnnohhee.

What ever.....

Raqu has learned a few other things too.
As Coco is in the the million question phase sometimes her questions require answers that are short and to the point and it was difficult realization hearing what Raquel has gleaned from the answers to certain types of questions.

At the moment "because yeah" is funny when she's intent on doing her own thing, but I see in the near future her kicking and screaming "BECAUSE YEAH!!!" while she is carried to her safe zone for a (I hate this phrase) 'time out'.

The kicking and screaming happens quite a lot around here actually.  I often come into a room when Coco is crying and calling for help.  Raquel has her pinned and is either hammering at her head with a plastic object (thank you Simona for not listening to anything I say about what you bring into this house for toys for my kids as a wooden block would have my #1 child long concussed and delirious) or trying to suffocate her.
Coco knowing better than to push her off or hit her back as she knows how that will end and an irate father is much less the evil than a 'Terrible Two' taking liberties.

Recently I was making fun of a friend by having
when she posted a Dire Straights record with player in shot.
Coco made me all of that on Sunday.
She had her last ski day with her club and there was a few gates set up.
At first she didn't want to race me, but then did after a practice run with her buddy.
At go she was gone and as we made our way down the gates she just seemed to increase the gap.
Yeah whatever.  Give the little one a good feeling by letting her win.
But not a second time.

Back to the gates and Ren counts us down and off we went.
I tried and did my best, but she was simply faster and smoother beating her dad by an elbow length.

My skis were dull.
Gates were too tight.

Dammit I was beaten by a 7 year old.
Sucks to be OLD.  I really did figure I wouldn't see her pass me till I was at least 50.

Ren & Coco

Coco beating daddy down the moguls

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