Monday, April 1, 2013

Broomball images

I'll write later when I have time to think about it. It was basically far beyond what I expected for raising money for Debra Canada. I had made a few suggestions of what we could make, but I didn't think we'd blow the higher number out of the water.
Here are some images from a friend.
The ice had over heated from the sun and plus 15 degrees and turned to slush. Probably not a bad thing for how hard people were working to play the game.
Good Nights Sweep vs Braydenators
Montessori North Stars vs Boom Boom POW
Trudge Club Broomsteres Vs Moe Tappins
Mr Moe Tapp giving his team a pep talk
Raqu and Nurse Weezie
Just what I was looking for - blood and suffering from a non EB sufferer
Surveying the game with our NINJA friend rarely caught on camera
Brayden's dad chopping down the competition. I actually watched a Good Night's Sweep player hip check Brayden.  So I'm not surprised his dad was out for retribution.

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