Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Broomball followup

We had our first chance post event to do a wrap up at a Debra Board meeting to finally confirm the numbers raised from our Treasurer.   As well it's taken time for myself to decompress, assess and catch up with my life in many ways.

Anyhow, I had bantered about some numbers to many in the following days that were in the $14-16000 range, fluctuating almost daily up or down as far as expectations and numbers I had control of counting myself.  This was great as far as preliminary expectations were for the event, as they far exceeded our bench mark.  I think in my first proposal to Grouse Mountain and Derba Canada for the event back in December was in the $6000 range for the upper expectations.
Grouse Mountain pushed back and told me to make it 'bigger and better'.
I wasn't sure what that meant or how I'd accomplish it, but along came Deep and a few exceptional people who said 'what can I do' or simply chucked us some wonderful silent auction items and or threw down some serious coin.
Then Anne Drewa came on board with Global and did the news piece in the 6 o'clock slot.  It was very interesting to hear those who weren't exactly close to what EB or Debra was all about but were headed to the event anyway and were able to get a little glimpse before hand and understand why we were all doing this.  
I think what stands out loud and clear what wasn't accomplished was letting people know the programs and places the money goes within Debra, but I promise next year we'll have a nice big board and hopefully a little web page to explain it all in clarity.  
It seems to take money to make money to give money.  
Although, in the end the actual number for the event after our meeting Sunday was a few dollars shy of $18000!!  
I can't say this actually took much money to raise, because of Grouse's very generous participation as well as the organizational background work done by Race Online.  There is no way this happens anywhere close to the scale or seeming ease were they not involved.

Debra Canada wishes to thank each and everyone of you and please pass along thanks to those whom I can't reach via email or this blog that participated or in one way or another lead to this great accomplishment. 
I hope everyone had fun and left feeling it was a positive experience as the trickle down will be felt by those who need it most.  There are some great plans for Debra in the coming years and results like this sure help us realize those lofty dreams.
I can assure everyone we at Debra Canada are already working to make next year that much better and more successful.
Congratulations everyone, this was a total success!!!
On a personal note.  I can't be happier and proud of the people I know and those they keep close.  I certainly drew upon so many of you to help start this and it's clearly a testament to the quality of people you all are.

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