Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teeth and the little plaque fairy

We finally had our tooth surgery.
I honestly had some deep anxiety over this time in children's. The worst case scenario was going to be long and nasty but instead the highlight was finding out the difference between tartar and plaque. Well, I still don't actually know the difference only that they are different.

The Doctor suggested there could be some serious decay and that if the back teeth were rotten she then gave various options of caps and drilling procedures. All of which were &$@?ing scary with regards to Raquel's EB. Plastic dams, suction, etc etc...  I made sure to tell the doctor, anaesthetist and nurses of our ER visit in year one when the entire inside of Raquel's mouth blistered off and collapsed upon her airway.

This was probably the most dramatic moment in my life. Baby gasping from breath but only sucking a shell of a mouth lining in and out of her esophagus while I held her in various positions hoping what ever blocked her airway would open. Thankfully this happened when Ren was peacefully enjoying an evening out with friends and no cell.

If Raquel kicks it on a similar event, its probably better for our marriage and loving longevity if Ren and I aren't in the room together. Let me rephrase, that Ren not be in the room with me. The big burly angry bear animal thing pushed deep under my sanity won't be pretty and like the werewolf likely wont differentiate from friend or other while panic overrides ration.

Anyway, I did my best to instil the fear in our staff, short of explaining the bearwolf monster thing lurking in the shadows. So in the OR we went and I was used very nicely to secure the IV and pulse lead to her hand. haha..  You think they'd let me in the OR if they didn't think I was super stable and of use???
I jest,
Although the grade school plastic surgeon and wound specialist without a PHD - me - has a great idea for next time that is bomb proof should the IV and probes be required to stay in place for a while past any surgery.
She had a healthy dose of medazolam and other fun dopey drugs that pushed Raquel to a deep sleep.
I left the room feeling very content by the team, we were in excellent hands.
Once in the waiting room I couldn't help but over indulged in crappy chocolate and was preparing for the long haul as three hours were booked for the operation.
Ren was around and I was doing my best to hide within my head and avoided her in the small waiting room.  It was good as she tracked down a free consultation by one of our doctors who just happened to walk by.  But just then the lead nurse walked in and exclaimed that we were done.... Maybe I had been in a sugar/chocolate coma for the afternoon, but it only seemed to have taken a half hour.
I have to admit when I saw her coming very dark thoughts ran through my head, even though her expression didn't display any sadness or deep compassion in the prospects of life and death conversation.
No intubation.
No cavities.
No plaque.
Just lots of tartar and a little staining from bacteria.
She had a high PH in her mouth, which we were told is better than an acidic mouth.
It was perfect doing a dressing change with a 100% compliant child. Unfortunately there were no difficult areas to deal with that Raquel battles me relentlessly with. Not that I ever want any, just would have been nice to have that team on board for the help.  As we wrapped I had a captive audience of Doctors and Nurses so I gave them a refresher course in EB and of course told them how wonderful Raquel is.

It's 10:30pm and Raquel is still up after getting absolutely hammered with drugs much earlier in the day. She's whiny and grumpy in one flash then pleasant and goofy the next.

In fact she's acting like a total pain in the ass and refusing like 80% of our nights to go down easy.
'Little Creep'!!!!

Success, all back to normal.

Although we are still waiting for some Collagen 7 please!!!


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