Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Play ball

Some of you don't know who Ferris Bueller is?
I guess not all are in their 40's and lived for the 80's weekend video (VHS) rental with buddies.

Just a reminder.
If anyone is interested in a team for broomball or want to just take part - do so soon.  Hard to say how quickly things will fill up.

Raquel has recovered from her tooth session nicely, although she is very moody.
I've had to scold her a few times for her attitude and waving mitts intent on catching me in the nose when I get too close for a kiss or a blister/scab inspection.

We went for a little walk to a bakery with Cordelia and Raquel decided to turn right while on my left when I had my eye on Cordelia to my right.  It all ended with a three inch blood blister at her knee cap.  I didn't get the hand dressing apart as she didn't seem to have too much forward momentum to do more damage past all her dressings - tomorrow will tell.

Point being.
If anyone takes a fall on the ice.  Don't think for a second you'll get any compassion from me.  Wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and your camping thermarest wrapped to your butt if you have to, just don't make a scene like the screaming baby in the middle of Lonsdale missing all the skin on her knee cap this afternoon, cause she didn't get much from me either.  Just a tragic little lick of the chocolate chip poking out from the dangerous and abrasive oats and cookie parts that would tear her mouth, tongue and throat to pieces were she to take a real bite.

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