Thursday, March 14, 2013


I think it's rare of late, but there is hardly a mark of open skin on the entire surface of Raquel's body at the moment.
I cut one small blister yesterday on her finger, but other than that everything is great.
She's super happy and full of beans nearly every time I see her.
It's terrible but every time we stop and reflect at how great things are going, she either wakes up with an eye issues or takes a serious tumble the next day.

Which of course reminds me, yesterday I caught Coco helping Raquel up onto the kitchen counter so she could have some tea.
Coco pushed Raquel's stroller to the counter, locked the wheels and Raquel was standing precariously at it's sharp edge trying to find something to get a hold of, to pull herself up.
I was in disbelief at what they were attempting, as in an instant I had visions of Raquel peeling off her entire belly front as she slid backward off the counter on the hard 90 degree corner then backward to the floor on her back smearing off an even bigger area as she bounced.
Forget that she'd for sure had a concussion from such a fall, if the stroller didn't break her fall or add various skin smears as she hit this and that to the bottom.

Problem was if she actually made it up she would have still had to make it across the sink to where the kettle took refuge in the far corner.

I have to admit, below the deep "are you guys insane, what are you thinking?!!!" I liked the team work and conversation that must have taken place for Raquel to talk her older sister into helping on such hair-brained idea.

Things to come???
My dark imagination can only fear...

Of course this is my soap box to brag about Raquel when I can, but I've noticed that her grammar is fast approaching her sisters and mine for that matter.  haha.

It's rare when Raquel speaks that words are placed in a flipped order or mumbles her speach out of recognition.  I keep saying this to our nurses, but I think this is their doing.  Everyday she gets great one on one with an adult who doesn't talk baby talk and converses with her all day long.  I see that this is paying off big time.

Anyway, all is great!

hmmm, maybe not.
I just hope the bandage supply company sees Raquel's silks as necessary as any of her bandages already covered.  After seeing how well she's fared with her torso and appendages less her elbows and knees it would be very very difficult for us to once and a while have to dress her in fibrous (stuck in wounds we don't have to wrap), sticky, bacteria laden cotton!!!!

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