Monday, March 25, 2013

Debra Broomball Fundraiser coming quick

Lots going on and Raquel is looking good for a happy time up Grouse.
I'm sure she'll be chopping at the bit to go out and show everyone how to play.
It'll be difficult keeping the broom out of her hand I'm sure.

Coco and I were off for a big ski race of hers this weekend and Ren home alone with Raqu would send updates regularly.
First dressing change Ren ever put in too.  She seems to think her and a nurse will take over every Friday. 
Hmmmmm we'll see. 
There is blood coming through a couple bandages at her feet and she had a tough night.  I hope I don't freak when I pull apart the dressings come dressing change time.

Anyway, Raqu tells Ren one night while she was missing her sister (not her daddy) that when she grows up she's going to ski like Coco and then dances around making shhh shhh shhh sounds waving her hands in a descending motion.


How does that conversation go down?

"No Quelle. You can never wear ski boots because the pressure will rip off all the flesh on your shins and feet!"
"No Raqu. If you fall you'll smear off all the skin on your arms or legs."
"No Qu. I'm worried the seat on the chairlift will push all the skin at the backs of your legs."
"Raqu, NO. I'm worried the helmet will shear the skin off your neck and chin."
"NO. I'm worried someone will crash into you and smear all the skin off any point of contact."
"NO RAQUEL!!  I'm just F&^%ing worried."

Of course I still have images flying through my head of a chariot styled racer that some of the adaptive athletes use with roll bars and major padding. Where she won't require poles just upper body movement to direct her decent.  This version still has me tethered to her at all times, but at least the idea is out there.  Skiing as it is typically seen for my little Bella just isn't the shh shh shhoption.

Back to Broomball.
Anyone not registered for the event, do so.
Even if you aren't going to play, register anyway and come up for the fun.
Or register and be a no show, probably the only time I'll have the patience for a no show.
I think those from Alberta, Ontario or Van isle can be let off the hook.

Register here

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  1. Found out about the event on Twitter today! We can't make it up to Grouse on a Thursday night (bedtimes, logistics and all) but we're trying to put together a family dance party fundraiser for debra with entertainer at the girls school this June! I will keep you posted.

    Connie (mom to Nya (EBS), Berlin & Ivy)
    South Surrey