Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sore but happy

We never did go in for Raquel's plaque removal.
It was due to no more rooms in the Inn.  Considering Raquel is just having plaque removed, the more serious issues to do with life and death took precedence.
Understood, but fairly annoying having rushed and stressed and sent Ren off to the Hospital with one of our nurses with me just on route to find out that we'd been pushed back in time indefinitely.

Raquel was pleasently given a wooden block set for her troubles.
Ren was given the opportunity for stress counseling for her troubles.

Raquel now has some serious blisters holes on both feet and tippy toes around.
I can say we've managed her pain exceptionally well in last week or so, as she complains seldom, but it's easy to see the suffering and underlying issue.  There are only a few other sores present that look painful.

It's just simply shocking to me that she can be so wonderful in temperament for most of her waking hours.  I only had to jump in at 2 am for a top up of the anti itch meds and pry her feet apart while it took hold and she melted back to sleep on my chest.

It's been a while coming, but she's actually started to ask for me on occasion and I'm not feeling the third fiddle to my mother and Ren.

Images of peace and a few hours respite Sunday.


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