Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not blogging because I hate the upanddown

One to two days we don't see an eye ball.
Then out of the blue there they are and it's smiles giggles and a peaceful night sleep.
So quiet that when you wake you feel the worst possible scenario has happened while your body was sunk sleep deprived into an unstirable deepness.
Then just like it ended, it's whiny cry baby with voice and suffering that can only be likened to needles and glass shards scraping and poking at the back of your neck.

Just a humdrum existence using nurses to help keep the love and sanity for what this stupid disease has done to my little beauty.

Simona sent this from a week or so ago.
At the moment Raquel looks like she's run into a prize fighter.
The last bad spell her face took the brunt of her suffering.

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