Monday, February 4, 2013

How much would this hurt?

Ren has asked that I give her parents and family East of the Atlantic some more images of our crew.
Except as I was finally roused this morning from a flying knee to the kidney from my first born, without malice I'm sure, I hear a stream of Czech that includes a few words I can decipher mixed with the helpful handful of international words that she's complaining I'm getting up late.
A late riser is not my M.O., that's for sure.  So the one Sunday I do every 6 months or so I'd be nice not to get pulled  under the bus by my wife to her parents.

Not sure if I've written the story where her father gave me a quick judo move to get my attention when seemingly unsuccessfully telling me to treat his daughter with love & respect in broken Czechglish a couple days before we got married?  Of course I always intended to be wonderful to Ren, as long before we were married she was one of my best friends and it was my relentless pursuit that finally broke her down so that she'd marry me.  At that time I just didn't feel a speech like the other boring father-son 'birds and bees' talks was necessary. 

Our talk ended as a man at 60 had me weightless and pivoted on his hip in a gentle mile-second.  A struggle by me either way and my forehead or the back of my skull would have met granite cobblestone.  Of course I quickly agreed that I'd be the best husband 'EVER' before he let me down gently to my feet.

So, I'm slightly sensitive when it comes to him and my perceived good or bad deeds.  This runs deep as I don't even know how to thank him for all the great things he's done for us in the last two years to keep us still standing on our feet.

All I have is some gore.  This way I can at least get a mercy moment based on my daughters suffering....

Although, Raquel had been completely unfazed by this and has 'slept like a baby'.
I see the itch coming...

This week we have some serious tooth plaque issues that will be dealt with finally.
Since we've stopped Raquel from eating the plaque builds up and in places has completely covered over her teeth.  Irritatingly the holistic issues spin around and as one issue gets solved of sorts another surfaces.  Save her mouth from scars and getting quickly to the point she can't open her mouth by eating normal food and having 2 dialations a year or work on the plaque.
Clearly plaque is the lesser evil.  Except she'll be intubated this week, which if done poorly will bump up the next dialatation and a week or more of suffering and sleepless nights.
Oh joy... 

This is Raquel with furrowed brow guarding her drawing from her dad.  Her right hand is very quick to block and jab.  She really is quick to react and goes right for the eyes should you get too close.
This is a very similar look and battle that takes place during dinner when she's guarding me from Ren and Coco's dinner and desert plates.  Raqu gets furious if she sees me attempt an extra piece of chicken or chocolate.
Since she doesn't eat per say she is very diligent to feed us and make sure we eat our allotted amount.

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