Saturday, February 23, 2013

Debra Canada T-shirts and Broomball event

We are trying at Debra Canada to raise a few $'s and if in the near future we can attain a similar bracket as our European and American counterparts.
In the last year I've been volunteering as a Director on the Board for Debra Canada as well hold a position as the Medical Assistance Fund Liaison.
Which covers cases where our medical funding runs short or doesn't cover items that can help people suffering from the severe effects of EB get closer to normal function.  I'll take the case and present to the rest of the board, where we then decide if we should or can fund the applicant in part, full or unfortunately sometimes not at all. The solution is based invariably on our resources and or the resourcefulness of our fellow board members.

As a little awareness and small money maker a few of us board members created these shirts for sale.
They are $20 cdn plus tax and shipping, go check it out.

Also in March Grouse Mountain will host a fundraising event for a semi holds barred broomball tournament.
We're hoping to attract all age brackets and companies to donate and take part in a fun picturesque mountain top experience on the skating rink.  If you want a small glimpse into the precarious life with EB try running around on an ice rink without traction control while chasing a ball with a broom, defending and attacking a small net.  One slip of many and you'll have a nice little bruise to remember that someone like Raquel will be missing skin from any such mishap and in her case it's cumulative and dystrophic (disfiguring).

Check out the Grouse Mountain website come Tuesday for details and registration.  All proceeds go to Debra Canada and for those who know Grouse the Broomball fee for play is very similar to the skyride ticket, which shall give you a good idea of how great Grouse Mountain has been in helping develop and run this event.  There is a bar, restaurant, cafe, coffee bar, movie theater, ski and boarding, snowshoeing, zip lining and of course the best view in the Lowermainland - BAR NONE.


If you have a company and would like to donate some door prizes to most bruised athlete, most scored on team, youngest player to score, oldest player to score, most likely single adult to score and of course the most likely married adult not to score. Think about it and I'll provide all the necessary links in the coming days.


  1. "the most likely married adult not to score" Hahahahahaha. Loved that.

    I would love to buy a t-shirt. I checked out the Debra Canada site but could not find a link to the t-shirts. Can you direct me more specifically?

    Kath Young
    Everett, WA

  2. Contact Debra Canada info and I'm sure Erin will guide you.