Friday, January 18, 2013

Backpack and joining the gang

After Raquel's little big complex and watching her sister and parents leave her behind for a night

I asked my self, why am I pulling the kid?
After minor diliberations Ren was at the head of the rope.

excursion of fun and snow, a few friends came in with the goods.
We now have two backpacks for Raquel and the second as the story goes was a return from our local MEC.  A buckle was broken and needed to be replaced.  Our team nurse who manages all our Doctors and team meets goes to the local outdoor shop and seeing a return (I assume) talked to the staff and exclaimed Raquel's case.  As a result, Raquel has a perfect backpack donated by the store with repaired buckle. 
Sorry Siobhan, but this one has her very safely confined and can likely take a small tumble should my edge get caught and down we go while carving down the mountain.

Although for lesser treks that safety isn't a primary concern it's perfect - Skyline trail.  So for the next 10 lbs Raquel gains we have a couple great options for bring Raquel out on the excursions that baby strollers can't be used.

Last night I finally got to test it out with a few modification my mother and I came up with.  While Ren and Coco were off at another mountain with chairlifts in operation Raquel, Louise (nurse) and I went for a night hike up Mount Seymour.
Raquel screamed the entire drive up that she wanted to go home and be with mommy.

ARG....  I just read Kourtney's mom's blog.  Tough LOVE must come at a price.  So I tuned her out.  A little more difficult when I don't have a hallway and 4 pillows to soften the shrieks.  Anyway, as we pulled into the parking lot and the winter wonderland Raquel's eyes opened and she became peaceful and expectant of a great little excursion in the backpack.

mom and my mods in the ikea sheep skin

It was a quiet hike up with mostly Louise and I conversing.  Half way up I realized Raquel had fallen asleep with her face warmly nestled to the big piece of wool at her face.

Since it only takes me 5 mins to descend Louise turned around first and Raqu and I did the final accent alone to the top of the highest ski run closed at nights.
I let her out and she walked around a bit then we carved our way to the base.

Not a fan of the speed, she quietly mentioned I should go slow.

In the end she got to do something a year before her sister.

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  1. YEA!! What a wonderful Dad you are!