Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We just got slammed with snow.
A whopping 4cms and traffic is at a stand still, as it quickly compacted and turned to ice.
All the coffee shops are empty, as everyone sits grumpily un-caffeinated in their cars, stewing at the stupidity of others and the mild guilt it could have easily been themselves that wiped out 6 static cars on the freeway.  Wondering why, this isn't the year they finally bought snow tires.

But since no one else doing ballet twirls with their cars down slick sloped streets bouncing off quarter panel after quarter panel has, why bother.

It is somehow strangely accepted, that we Vancouverites are all delayed three times a year because of the magical snow.  That we also kind of accept we're almost all reta%$#d when it comes to our safety and that of others.

Maybe it's that we've all done bumper cars as children and we feel invincible.

Kind of like me, before I found out the hard way I carried a screwed up gene that's made a significant part of my daughters life a living hell.

Won't go out in the snow without snow tires again will I.....?

My little buddy has taken a few big falls of late.
Skin missing from - nose, both elbows, both knees, forehead and finger with a side issue with her eyes.  Joy it's Christmas, even EB is in a giving mood.

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