Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre Christmas Cheer

The relentless giving in which EB is capable, is quite amazing.
A few days ago, I was playing with the visco paste dressings and put a big patch on Raquel's knee.
She had some dry skin and I figured it was a nice easy way to put a little zinc on her knee and keep it there for a while in a way it wouldn't wipe off with clothing.  Ren was helping with a dressing change at that time and I guess the idea stuck.
A few hours later Raquel took a decent tumble and skinned the entire area of her knee.  The skin was mostly intact with a few rips at the top edge letting in the painful air and opened up the tender skin to the constant abrasion of her silks.  Ren figured on putting a little patch of visco paste bandaging to protect it.  Problem with that material is if it's left without a protective coating for too long it drys quickly then becomes stuck to the wound.  By the next morning when it was time for a diaper change the blood had dried and so to it the little bit of bandage.
I tried to soak it off, but in my attempt to put a damp cloth next to her knee she fought me off, tearing off the remainder of the semi protective dead layer.
Since then if her pain hasn't been managed she cries and limps around.
It didn't help that I tried to feed her a bit of banana.  She's now completely forgotten how to swallow anything but water and yogurt.  So she's had blood trails coming from her mouth to match her knee.

It's so refreshing to be reminded of how things have been as we see those sure signs of suffering by blood soaked sheets and pillows.  Thankfully she's not been tumbling out of control with issues.
Just one here, one there and easily administered.

Every other night is one that is slept through, so it's really not that bad.

If your name isn't Raquel Bella.

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