Thursday, December 27, 2012

Enjoying what we get

Christmas Eve was a little exciting. So no pics as promised.
Moments after I posted that Raquel wasn't starting the day right, we had another little mishap.
Ren was doing her best to get our dinner going. For her the Christmas Eve is the all important family dinner.
Considering I was an hour late from returning from fun she was a little less humourous with Raquel laying on the floor in the kitchen, eyes closed and rather grumpy.
Things really went sideways when Ren stepped on her hand while crossing the kitchen. We each took our turn with elevated expressions of emotion.
First of course Raqu let it out, then I attacked Ren & once she'd had enough pressure clumped on by me and her own thoughts of guilt, having possibly smeared off all the skin on her daughters hand, she let me have it back. As mad and frustrated as I was seeing Ren up me by a few octaves and the deep red hue of her eyes and face I quietly let her run the course uninhibited.
I sent out a couple calls once she disappeared down the hall from the kitchen. One to Dammit Janet and the other to Andrew for an emergency change. It was clear Ren and I weren't going to be able to work this one as a team within the short term and help would be needed.
Once help did come it wasn't all that bad. Just two fingers had blistered and filled with blood. It took a little effort to get her to comply and the change went without a glitch. By the end Ren and I were on speaking terms although still not in agreement who's fault the stepping on the hand actually was.
I still think closest person passing by the prone child would be it, regardless of extrenuous circumstances. Even when the child who has few full sentences said, 'Mommy did it' moments after.

I'm only making light now as after a second change the fingers look remarkably well. I guess it helped she was layered in many blankets and we got to it quickly.
Funny this happened as earlier this evening Coco ran across the couch while Raqu lay covered and sleeping.
I stood amazed at the door watching Coco seemingly standing on top of her sister yet still listening to the sleeping child's deep breath in perfect rhythm. Then I lost it again.

It's been fun.

So for the entire Eve, Raqu opened her eyes a couple times. I'm pretty sure this was my fault as I medicated her into oblivion fearing the worst. Christmas morning she woke and all was normal. Happy little voice and she charged around all day as if nothing happened the day before.

Again, I don't get it.

At least her knees have healed and most of her current wounds. She's got more now in various spots than I think she ever has. I'm thinking the itch is going to be a problem once they all start the crusty scabby transformation to her normal collagen free milia dotted red blotchy skin.

The poor girl.
It's hard at times, but when we have great days like Christmas and today and watch a goofy fun loving kid do her thing it makes the hellish moments livable. We know pleasant times are close and there has been no way of telling when things will turn.

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