Monday, December 24, 2012

Alpen glow

4:30 cries.
wide awake at 6 and everyone in the household fast asleep so what to do?

Go for a hike up a mountain and enjoy the peace that only the an alpine buried in 3 meters of snow can.

I unfortunately didn't make sure my camera had a full charge.
Which means I alone watched the colour of orange light up the peaks above Vancouver.
The clouds were low and socked in the entire mountain but for the last 200' to the first pump.

The sun made it's break from the horizon just behind the tip of Baker across the boarder to the south.
That would have been the shot as a 100kms of a flat pillowy blanket tipped in vibrant orange separated the peaks.

Funny that I was sitting taking a break eating a couple oranges.

But before my camera died I got off this, 30mins before the sun rise.

Got home just in time for Raquel to wake.  Wasn't an easy wake either.
Lots of 'no like daddy' (s) and the yang MOMMY!!! as she walked out the door in perfect timing.

At the moment I have a full lap of child quietly hunkered down getting a tube feed, eyes closed, fresh blister under nose from wiping snot from her face and some blood trickles at edge of mouth.  We are quietly waiting for the pain meds to pull her into this world and other than whats going to be a dreadful dressing change we'll have a wonderful day.

It's the bianual Euro Christmas, so today we open presents.
I'm a little unclear how we'll explain Santas evening visit, then again how he'll deposit a few stockings over night.

Merry Christmas all.

I'll get a happy shot of my princesses sometime today in front of our CHARLIE BROWN tree.

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