Friday, November 16, 2012

A typical day in Squamish

This has nothing to do with EB.
Other than I was on one of my many chronicled fishing mornings attempting to loose my bent mindful of EB.
At the time of the incident I was very peacefully standing in the river watching the dozens of eagles nestled motionless in the giant Cottonwood's at rivers edge.  Gazing beyond their black silhouettes and white heads there was the freshly dusted mountain peaks of the Tantulus and Garibaldi ranges, the sun was pushing bands of light though clouds at faces of glistening granite cliffs with countless veins of waterfalls plummeting thousands of feet to the river's edge.
There were large splashes and flops of the spawning salmon competing for dominance and spawning rights.  As well a few fierce fights at the end of my line from the tiger striped Chum with fanged white teeth..
When suddenly without warning at the back of my legs a very large object pushes up against me.
At this point I'm waist deep in water and the current is somewhat trouble some as I have to stand on my toes nestled onto larger rocks for balance and that little bit of elevation to get clear and long casts into to pockets of moving salmon.
So having something in the 100+lb range push at me broadside was freaky, brushing me quickly from my precarious foot hold.
At the first instant I was worried a log had crept up behind me and was about to sweep me to my early demise, so I really started to freak and attempted to bounce down river to get away from what ever it was, except it was going with the current and it was virtually stuck to my legs.  Anyway, it finally passed the apex of my leg and started to get around me, I could feel it sticking to me somewhat as the fur was pushing back at my waders.
I had the visual sensation of how my ski touring skins open up when in use for ascension.  SO it was pretty clear what was pushing at me once I saw the torpedo like shape with dark spotted colours.
I was waiting for it to bite me or swim quickly away, but it tumbled down the river on a few rocks then came to a stop closer to shore in some slack water with it's head pointed upstream.
Oh, did I say that somewhere in there I squealed like a little girl finding 30 spiders in her bed.
Or that I molted my skin?
If there was ever a feeling of being electric.  That was it.  I could have lit a small suburb of Vancouver in those few seconds.
I'm convinced my screams are still bouncing around the Squamish valley.
By the time it stopped I was fairly sure it was dead.
But it didn't stop me from getting well beyond the waters edge.
It's bad enough having a moldy Salmon bump into your legs at 14-20 lbs never mind a mammal.
Once my nerves had settled I went over to inspect the Seal and quickly saw a large wedge from it's forehead missing.
FKing IDIOTS with GUNS!!!!
I'm not saying I haven't chucked a rock at a seal's general vicinity that has pestered me on an ocean beach, but blowing it's head off in a river with a few million salmon flopping at nearly every back eddy is moronic and offenseable to the highest degree.

After my heart dropped to normal beats and I was tired of mangy fish, since it was clear none of the pretty bright Coho I'd hoped to tag into were hanging around in these waters I left and started the sea to sky highway home.  Half way up the Howe Sound I could see well below the highway and huge circle of frothing sea water.  Most of the Sound was calm and without ripple and this area looked like the effluent splurging from the depths at the side of a mill or storm discharge at oceans edge.  At closer inspection as I slowed on the highway I realize with every second there were the dark outlines of 30 or so Dolphins. They were densely packed together headed south and a quick guess would be that there were well more than a 100.  Amazing.  I've seen this once before but the pod was stretched out across the 1km width of the sound.  This tightly packed pod was amazing to see as they cut up the tranquil waters.

Good day.

I didn't exactly tell Ren I was fishing that morning as I decided to go late in the evening and wasn't sure a bargaining session of time & fun allocation was going to be fun/in my favor, so I just packed and left like a thief before she awoke.
Sooooo,,,  if anyone asks Ren about this?
I was at work and it's all fiction.

Then later in evening.  I was playing flip Raquel games, she ended up not getting her hands out of the way of her face when she flipped onto the couch and skinned her lip.  Fun and games gone wrong.
Yet again.

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