Monday, November 19, 2012


Raqu has finally started to act more like herself.
The flailing arms and screams that she only wants "mommy" have subsided to every few hours.
I seem to only get a few moments of joy and play till the bubonic plague Ren had catches up to her system and she becomes crusty and cranky again.
In those few moments of clarity or mild drug induced decent behavior, Raquel is surprisingly quite charming.  So much so, she finally asked if she could go out with me. Only me....
Like a date?  With her Daddy?
Of course!!!
Since she hasn't quite gotten to the age where she likes the early morning Sunday excursions to play cards eat muffins as Coco and I do, I was more than happy to figure out a new excursion Raqu and I could do.
So why not head to the wine bar?
Minors accompanied by and adult can have a small glass of wine.  With everything else that goes through her body, wine is by far the least of my concerns.
Plus, it's very likely by the time she's 19 her mouth will be so full of scars and tongue virtually already void of taste buds she'll hardly have the chance to appreciate the complex flavors wine can provide.  So, why not start now, at 2.

We went down to the The Republic's Servant ordered a 1/2 litre of an Argentinian Malbec (she's already has a larger appreciation for the full bodied reds than any white), we started with a taco chips and fruit salsa, then some crispy calamari, the main course was Duck and roast potato with a beautiful assortment of seasonal vegetables - considering we live in the near tundra and it's nearly December I'm pretty sure it was California's endless growing season which was referred to.  For desert we had Creme brule.  By this time Raqu was in heaven.  Half drunk and nearly satiated she enjoyed cracking the glassed caramel with the ridge edge of her spoon.  I'd taken off her mittens and bandages before we left so she was able to pick up the shards and crispy calamari with ease and crunch them with every flavorful bite.
It was amazing living in the moment,
The peace and fun was broken from loud cries echoing in the distance as the subconscious traded out mindful fancy for the inevitable reality of life.  The shrieking voice was that of a child, grumpy and upset calling out, yet again for 'momma'!!

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