Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple and suffering

Raquel had a little piece of apple last night.  Our nurse figured it was mushed enough, but the result was choking and hacked up saliva mixed with blood.
The remainder of the night was rather stressful while I watched her slip into sleep and then awake suddenly to expel the mouth gob full of saliva into a cup, her blanket or the famous couch.

It was thought to be a very nasty night, but she settled and
Asked for Daddy when she woke at a reasonable hour in the morning.

NO APPLE Please.

I can't blame her as Raquel grabbed a piece of muffin last Sunday and did the similar thing.  Although luckily then it only lasted a few moments.  Interesting holding your kid while she choked no stressing and calmly waiting for her to get it out while people in the coffee shop watch in nervous horror.

After so many terrible nights and massive blood and fluid letting sessions a little lack of breath is hardly something to get anxious about.  Well.  I'm counting and know when the numbers get to X that it's time to freak!

EB sucks.

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