Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend come and gone

Nothing to report.
Just the same as before.
A wonderful holding pattern.  The odd bump still pushes off large areas of skin.  A brush here and there and it's another wound.
It just seems she's better suited now to push through pain as she understands it's part of life.  Gladly she doesn't comprehend that her pain isn't everyone else's pain.  She doesn't know why her big sister can run around nearly naked fall and keep trucking - among things.

Spent another great weekend at the cabin and Raquel has absolutely adapted to the point Ren was able to ask if we'd be able to try a Christmas up there?

Ummm no running water, about 8 hrs of light, possible -8 tempuratures and a pile of snow around the cabin???  Not likely just yet....

Coco, Ren and the Wentzel's did their wonderful speeches on giving thanks, I unfortunately was feeling the brunt of cabin fever as my fishing habit was underquenched and grumpy traits picked up from Grumpa (dad) was in full force, so instead of listing off nearly everything under the sun and hidden by the earth on the dark side I kept mine short - Thankful for places people are not.

When forced to expand to Cordelia I included our day we'd just had as an example.

Motoring down a quiet lake with two families (no wind had to pull our the 2 horse) where very few cabins were inhabited to a quiet beach to have a blissful picnic by a fire, in the warm fall air basically watching the leaves turn yellow along the mountainsides hemming in the tranquil lake water was the premise behind places were people were not.
None of the fire and brimstone as massive boats with a kajillion horse power barfing noise and pollution where ever they desired or odd people chucking spent cigarettes and beer cans all around the site with little regard for other future or present campers and day-trippers, let alone fish, ducks and other wild life.

Just the sun and the laughter of children playing on a beach, picking up snail shells and falling off logs into the cool autumn water.  Of course once one kid sees the other slip and fall and giggle it's his turn too.

No pics as I didn't bring my camera.
All I got is this.

On the way home we thought we'd hit the Adams river (one of the largest sockeye salmon runs on the planet) yet they hadn't arrived yet.  I guess it takes time to travel several hundred kms up river.
A little walk along the famous Adams.  Didn't see one fish.  Just fishermen, which really pulled at my sense of family

This is Raquel plotting against her sister.  She's a bit of a trouble maker once she's a little bored.
But then how could she not be bored after being in a car for nearly 10 hrs as we went from fishless river to home with a few stretch breaks?

Oh what I'm really thankful for on top of all that..
Is watching Raquel go for bite after bite of pumpkin pie.  Haha.  Ren won't touch the stuff.  Problem is, I've got another person in the family to fend off for the final piece.

Rellic & Bruno

Raquel eating on the run.

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  1. That is so cool, I was wondering why she is wearing the backpack...awesome little kid.