Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Man that chick can belt it out

Just finished a night of hell.
At first Raquel's cries were sounds of a needy baby, of which I'm much less then the soft soothing type.  After some time of advising Ren not to attend to her, I finally go in to attempt to stop the wild noises, so that the other child whom doesn't have high walls of containment isn't soon to be nestled between my wife and I in our bed.

A moment gone wrong.

Unaware 2 layers of her shirt had rode up her back and I had grabbed her bare skin with some force as I attempted to lay her back down, from the angry jumping and screaming at her rail. The thoughts of massive blister damage bashed my sleepy conscience and I was forced to give into her cries and follow her instruction.

"Daddeeee, kneeeeee, couch!!!!"

At least after an hour of asking for mommy she knew I was her only hope.
Within moments she's out cold and comfortable, but I was far from it and ended up watching 2 hrs of the seven wonders of the industrial revolution, with her curled up at my feet on the couch.  When I finally found my mind at rest I took her back to her crib.
The exact moment my head hits pillow she cries again....
After quietly waiting it out for a few minutes she's off to sleep, but for an 1 1/2hr.

When she wakes it's full on screams of pain and suffering.  None of the baby attention grab pleas from earlier, unless she's learned the exact levels and pitch of her screams to get her parents into fast action.
Ren was forced to take the early morning shift as I attempted unsuccessfully to bury my ears under all 4 pillows on our bed.
It wasn't till I was leaving my 7:30 am meeting, which I was late to, that I remembered that there is likely a XL hand print on her back.  (SHT!!!)  How does one forget that????  

Oh I know.  It's the family forget it's EB Awareness Week/Lifetime.

Our most regular nurse is with Raquel, so I can be afforded the opportunity to again do my best 'Avoidance Act' within my own home till I'm finished the few other work related responsibilities.  Mable's ability to sooth Raquel is unparalleled, as I know Raquel's grumpy dad can't do much better.  In fact I'm most certainly going to be greeted by her to 'No daddy, GO!'.

Unfortunately if needles and scissors are necessary for XL blisters gone wrong, then I'm the man for more suffering and implemented pain.

Why would I be blogging than checking in on my screaming baby?
Don't know.

I'm a bad dad.

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