Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She pushed off the whole palm

In a moment when Raqu asserts her independence, Ren watches from a far as she walks across a concrete play park.  Of course she falls and comes within a mm of pushing off her face too.  The cries intensify and it's clear her hand is in a great deal of pain.
Once home we do an emergency dressing change to screams and shuddering pain.  I had to slice many areas of the blister to waving hands and squirms.  One cut looked as though my fears of scooping a chunk of flesh had finally come true... Luckily it was just that this blister was very bloody to begin with.
Once the aquafor and zinc bandaging material and pain meds kicked she was her self again.
Although slightly more goofy than usual.

It's clear pain meds are for all.  Even if the rest of the family isn't on them.  The anxiety dropped very quickly afterward as our coping method of out of sight out of mind was able to kick in.

Today's change was rather PG 13.  Minimal blood, small cuts at the edges and only 60 seconds of suffering as Raquel looked deep into my eyes wondering -
'WHY is it always YOU, that make me feel this way?'

The funny part at the beginning of the change was her saying a word that rhymed with 'it' when she dropped a toy.  The splayed arms in questioning and look on her face well copied another member of this house hold.  We won't say who, but it wasn't me or Coco.


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