Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gore, EB and Brownpaperbagging it

Just to show life is still a rosy bag of blood and pain.
This was a non typical blister as the blood had turned to jelly.
What was most interesting was when I used my scissors to open up an area for drainage I cut out a clean little scoop like one would with a spoon from jello.  To my surprise the bulb of blood didn't even move.  I wasn't even able to squish it out and away from her foot. Of course the harder I pushed the more squished and painful Raquel's face became as her beautiful little eyes peered at my as if to ask why are you doing this to me again?

The joy of being the primary torcheror of my child.

Anyway, I went to a quiet place afterward and thankfully used the respite provided by our nurses to return a fully functioning member of the family unit.
Yes, avoidance works for me.

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