Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bad feet bad temper, but whatever

She's been a super healer of late.
Nearly every sore she's had, has gotten under control very quickly.  All it took was a little extra zinc in her diet.  Not sure if that's it exactly, but shortly afterward it seemed we'd only have to watch a sore for a few days before the wetness had disappeared.

We'd taken another little trip back to our cabin and over the four days the only blister or issue Raquel had other then her attitude was elbow blisters from the drive north.  She didn't fall once and was able to walk most of our property without incident.  I can't tell you the relief this brings.  As this family heirloom is the one travel beacon where I've envisioned her being in the wilderness of sorts and thriving.  Thankfully this is the early reality.

Changes have been OK.
Other then pushing out blood from blisters on her heel we've had no issues.

Of course every second change we find something.  It's clear my early concern of not having any blisters has drastically subsided.

Her eyes are as bright as ever and when she's not demanding with fits what she wants, she's been gradually turning into the goofball her big sister is. 

I think the only weak link in the family is Ren.  The grumpiness that proceeds her return to work from holidays can be tedious to say the least.
I'm going to suffer for that one...  If there is a sleeping bear, I just can't help myself but to poke at it.

Been a wonderful summer.

Just the EB Congress in Toronto to go to with my buddy Moe.

Not exactly ready to let the sunny days go, but salmon season has swung into full flow, so it's a little easier to make the winter transition with the loss of light and general warmth ----
Till those beautiful stormy December evenings before the mountain opens and Cordelia and I trudge our way up the trails for a bumpy treacherous ski in marginal conditions on the yet to be plowed runs.

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