Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend away

We did a little last minute getaway to the family cabin before the monthly change over.  I'd been trying since Easter to get away, but Ren & Raqu kept kiaboshing the extravagant plans for one EB reason or another.
This time Raquel has been in great spirits depite many nagging little issues so we bolted.
The Wentzel's our usual party crew were otherwise occupied so we had the rare small family cabin experience.
I think I've forgotten what it's like to be there with just Ren.  She held the law and only let me out twice for my fishing pleasure.  In fact I was so good that on my excursion to a mountain lake high on the opposite plateau I came home early.  It helps that I caught a monster very quickly and the loon discovered my fishing wizardry and kept a close eye on me once I pulled this guy in making further fishing difficult to say the least.

Raquel absolutely ate up the cabin experience, she walked around beaming and charging around during her waking hours.  We arrived well into the night (3am) and in the move from car to her bed she came alive.
The lake water was lapping loudly at the shores below she pressured Ren to walk down for a peek.
From that moment on her spirits were amazing.
It was like she was free.  The floor area of the cabin with the large deck made for great exploration and plenty of time free of our watchful eye and nervous guidance.

There was the moment she walked around the corner on her loop from side entry to slider lake side and didn't show up on the other side.
Ren worried at not seeing her for the 60 seconds went to look for her.  Thankfully at this moment I wasn't solely responsible for her safety, as I likely would have finally noticed her down by the lake.  Since it was me who barricaded the stairway to freedom I didn't think it possible that she somehow could move a 4'x8' sheet of plywood (1/2" thick).  When Ren found her she was down three stairs & just one step to freedom and a straight line down the bank to the lake.  Ren panicked some at the sight of her tender child so close to innumerable objects of disaster, so of course she cried out for her to stop.
In that moment Raquel looked up with a proud smile of her accomplishment and gleaming deviousness only a child of mine could have coupled with the confusion of her mothers strong disapproval she wavered, pivoted and started to fall backward off the last stair to the rocks and dirt.

The rest of the weekend was just that.  A continuation of lax parenting and near misses and massive blisters, but what remained and strong was the smile on her face.  As it was my paradise as a child, it's clear it's going to be hers too.

She didn't fall, somehow she regained control and stayed put till Ren grabbed her and carried her kicking and defiant back to the closed circuit of the deck and cabin's main floor.

I was able to do part one in my dream for travels with my children into the wilderness at a later date.  We had a short canoe ride - except she now has a huge hole at the bottom of her chin where the life jacket started something that has clearly gotten out of control.

The drive home was also something we rarely try.
Daylight confinement.  It has so much potential for disastrous effects.  It just takes 20 minutes in a car seat with an irate kid with Collagen issues to lose a lot of skin, but with a 5 hr drive plus stops we only had a minor outburst which was resolved by dinner and some hideous music at a restaurant in Chilliwack.  The kid has got a passion for music and made every table she passed smile in amusment as she shook her booty all the way down the aisle and then continued outside till she finally saw Renata disappear behind a corner.

Today's dressing change was a complete blood bath.  I had an idea it wasn't going to be fun with how many new blisters she'd gained over the weekend.  So I made a call out to Dammit Janet for a little help.  I figured why ruin a great romantic weekend with my wife when I can yell at one of my oldest buddies if things go wrong.

In the middle of buying a house she took time out to come over.  In true reciprocal friendship I was late returning from winning a bet with a friend down a trail called Pipeline.  Happily I indulged in destroying his sense decent mountain bike ridership.  I'll try not rub it in any more, but after living with EB for two years giving him a break for having strep throat, bronchitis, dengue fever, flu ???  I think that was all of his excuses, anyway my level of compassion is a little thin, if any even with Dr. notes.  hahahahahaha...  Sorry Mr. Man but even with a 60 second head start on a trail that takes slightly over 6 minutes for me to travel he didn't even try.  Well he did I guess if wanting to change the match counts.

Oh yeah. Dammit Janet.  She rocked.  It was a horrific change.  Raquel was shaking with pain at various points till the pain meds really started to help out.  There were huge bloody blisters and pockets of fluid at nearly every appendage.  The floor was a mess, splattered with the various liquids.

Ren was a mess and shaken by the experience, her turn for that melancholy and infinite sadness.
Can't imagine not having help on that one.  It did turn out to be a three person job anyway.
I was lucky as my ride numbed my senses enough that it didn't mentally effect me as changes of this magnitude usually do.

Seeing that the week ahead is likely going to be a measured level of chaos and sleepless nights with screaming child I sent a quick text to the second/first or other super mom that's not mine or my wife who takes great and unmeasured care of Raquel - 'Hey Blood bath here, you up for 2 hours of respite this evening'.

Two minutes later Simona calls and tells us she'll first feed six people then come over (40 minute drive) in an hour to an hour and a quarter.

So we snuck out watched a movie about a bad vulgar teddy bear, bought food then came home to sleeping baby.
But not before getting her a bottle BC wine.
The name sold it for us.  Hopefully her and her husband will.

What did Dammit Janet get?
I stood in the kitchen avoiding thought texting taunts to my vanquished friend and didn't even say thank-you as she hurried away to possibly buy a house.


Raquel and her parents are very lucky to have somehow been able to keep such extrodinary people so close for so long.

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  1. Raquel touches a place deep inside me I didn't know existed. Sometimes I am a little like the grinch with my heart seemingly too small inside my chest. House deal falling thru.... Potentially homeless in 3 weeks... Then a reality check about real stress came calling. Watching Raquel try to escape her pain and shaking, pulling away from the pain is gut wrenching.... Once the worst was over and she cuddled in to my arm and tickled my chin and gave me a giggle I melted a little inside, my grinchy heart blew up. Then of course the fact that "come, now, shoe, hat , coat, come now"....she wanted to leave with me.....I NEED A HOUSE so she can come home with me....DAMMIT