Monday, July 23, 2012

The importance of collagen 7

In moments of my tragic decision making skills I'm reminding how Effing bizarre and fragile my daughter is.  It's not that I need to be reminded of this while riding my bike home semi drunk from a party at 2am and have my nearly flat tire give way to metal rim on pavement while traveling fast down and up around a corner.

It was a fairly exciting moment when I felt the tire not exactly go where I wanted it to go.  I caught a glimpse of a few sparks as all balance was lost and gravity and inertia did their number on me.  Dressed in a nice short sleeved dress shirt and jeans I hit the pavement nearly instantly and skidded to a stop after some distance.  Usually I'm wearing armour, gloves etc when ripping through our forests, but a pleasant ride home at night down the hills of NV didn't seem like the occasion for that level of protection.
Anyway, after dusting myself off and making sure nothing was broken, the burning pain of road rash on my forearm flashed.  Some how the fabric of my shirt was hardly affected as was the skin directly below.

There's the thing.
Raquel falls over the threshold of a door and she looses all the skin on her knee and elbow.  At about 36" in height it's not far to fall, yet she's headed for two weeks of discomfort.  From Dad poking her with needles to relieve surface tension from ballooning skin pockets to resultant - raw, bare and open sores to the dry itchy healing skin flakes.
Or where she didn't pick up her foot high enough and falls to the carpet skinning her cheek, on that aggressive and evil texture to the collagen deficient.
Jakob and Raqu watching Coraline yesterday

Me, I'm nearly invincible by comparison as this is all I get after hitting the asphalt with bare skin at about 40 km/hr.  Well today there are some deeper bruises and pains showing up at many areas of my body not initially connected to where I though most of the damage might have been.  Must have happened in the tumble and effort it took to keep my melon from cracking on the pavement too.
never mind that......

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