Monday, July 30, 2012

Terrible two

Raquel has certainly entered into her terrible twos.
At every opportunity she is trying to off her sister.

As soon as she gets a weapon of any type she's after her trying to whack her on the head.
Then her out burst when she doesn't get her way are way off the charts from what we experienced with Cordelia. 
Yesterday I was so fed up of her ups and downs I ended up using her crib as a deterrent.  She can't stand sleeping in there to begin with so I didn't think I could possibly do any more harm by the bad association of a jail.
It never really did work itself out yesterday, but I think her brain is close to figuring out cause and effect.  I hate that she gets so wild when she's pissed and the thrashing that ensues, but I'll take a bunch of blisters here and there for her to learn to behave and not smack her sister, me and listen when we say don't or no.\

I hope it's not because of the variance of care she gets as it's three to four nurses a week, grandma, Ren and me.

Raquel's got personality.
No question.

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