Friday, July 27, 2012

Coco Bean has landed.

Coco comes home and all we hear is 'Coco, come'.
After some unrelenting pursuit, a door closes and the little person who clearly idolizes her big sister is left standing in the hall banging on the door with her mitten hand.
Coco, come.

Raquel's ability for repetition and single minded ambition for what she wants is inspiring if not annoying the other half of the time.

It's both lovely and painful to watch and listen.

Apparently there are scenarios of too much love as she wants every piece of her sister she's missed for the last month and a bit.

Cordelia is really not going to be happy about having over a month of quiet sleeps to be crashed by what's going on here now.  Every 20 minutes or more is a cry or a whine, some escalating to some mild thrashing other petering out in moments.  Then we'll hear a wide awake voice call out for soup or something like that only to be followed by a long pause of silence.

It's very late and I just haven't seen the point to go to sleep.

Yet I've only had to get her once every hour for the last four.

Apparently there are scenarios of too much sleep, when you actually aren't getting any.

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