Friday, June 1, 2012

mmmm banana and sleepless nights.

Getting a little tired of that routine.
We've now completed a couple of great days, so there's that.
Which means we're back to feeding banana to the little esophagus that could

The last banana day led to a bad night.  We'll see about tonight.

But all and all I've got my Olympic couch tumbler back.
She sits on the end, which the arm area is perfect sitting height for Raquel.  Once again the only thing in our house that Renata and I have any pride in (objects) our couch shows how wonderful and practical it is for the considerable investment.  Well, there is the bed I designed and my dad built for Cordelia unfortunately it's not as practical in EB terms.  And when it comes time to Design and build her bed the differences will be great.
Anyway, Raqu is constantly wanting to show us both her counting and tumbling skills.
She sits on the edge, back to certain disaster should she go the wrong way then puts up the mitt and counts.


Then tucks her neck falls forward and should momentum and the proper placement of her head go nearly as planned she does a half roll, pivots on her bean then falls ungracefully to the side. Nearly continuing into a second roll, onto her face, onto the floor below.
Of course she's not made that second roll yet as she's had spotters, but there will be a time when she's showing off to her sister when she will.  I do admit she is able to nail it and do the full roll and finish laying spread eagle with big eyes of questioning approval and enjoying the cheering and clapping from the peanut gallery.  The adulation has clearly lead to her pursuit of perfecting her craft.

Sooner or later she'll get to the TH. Most Germans can't say it, so does it really matter?
I guess my only hope is that she can look at a sign and not say widio vest, not that that sign is still in existence.

Always pushing the buttons.

But take her out to the grass and watch her walk around on uneven ground with rock walls and underlying debris for her to trip and fall on is way too much for me.
I can handle mere moments then I've got her by the blanket and am carting her off indoors where her balance and traction have minimal interference.

I'm always shocked when others don't see the danger.

Banana's and sleepless nights.
up down up down.
try this don't try that.
Oh my what did that do?

Do this, but most certainly don't do that.  But was not doing that really the right thing?

All I ever do is push Cordelia in nearly every comfort zone she has from typical fears of River Monsters to physical activities of skiing no fall zones.

Do I freak out swimming in the ocean past any place I can touch the ground?
You bet.
Will I ever summit and ski a peak using crampons, ropes and ice axes?
No chance.

Poor Raquel.  How many times has that phrase been uttered around the world?
I do not look forward to that verbal argument her and I have when she is comparing my control of her and what ever it is I do with her big sister.
Maybe she gets it and will be safe and I can avoid this battle, but the reality is I'll probably be proudest of her for saying
'enough Dad, let me be!'


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