Friday, June 15, 2012

Matching skid marks

I showed Raquel my recent skid mark mountain bike riding and she squints her eyes and looks with worry and internal conflict and says aooch over and over a few times.
Then starts to move closer and say kiss kiss kiss.  Before she had dust particles and blood smeared across her lips I moved away.
Crazy how a kid with so many issues has compassion.  Especially toward the guy who's almost always the one with the needle and bandaging material pressing sores and letting blood from her tender body.  I slept rather uncomfortably as my knee kept sticking to the sheets.  Clearly I haven't learned from my EB techniques on Raquel with strips of Mepitel.
OHHHH the suffering I must endure.


Damn pads.  They need repair.  The straps that hold them on my legs have rotted from years of sweat and barely hold fast.  They only work on impact, clearly not the sliding around and down the side of a bermed corner. 
Coco is gone, so I seem to have some extra time to get back into one of my languishing passions.
Going fast through tranquil forests with a frantic clackety clack clack of springs and shocks working OT.  Except my current body mass from many many months of inactivity isn't quite holding me up from eventual disaster.  There is a new app for cycling called Strava.  It records elevation and distance and keeps track of certain segments so that you can see how you fare against anyone else who has the app and rides the same trails.
It's very addicting for the competitive spirit.  In the last two weeks I've been anxious to when I get out next to chip away at the fastest times.  There is this damn pro that has me by a minute and a half on my favorite trail (Ladies Only).  The unfortunate issue for me is there is a long flat section with an uphill at the end so my two years of training creating body mass at the end of a couch with Raquel, can't seem to carry inertia far enough before the lungs and legs start screaming at me.
I didn't build it but in the 20 years of it's existence I'll bet I've rode it 300 or more times.
Anyway, I'm just explaining the singular tract of my mind in recent days and the desire to quash EB for a little while.  

Raquel is perfect. Skid marks on both knees and an elbow, but an absolute dream as far as attitude and mobility right now.  It has cleared my focus to attack a heavy work load and sneak off for two hours three to four times a week for my pursuits of excellence and shedding my EB jiggles.

Ren too.  Thursday we have a nurse do the evening shift.  Usually Ren takes Coco for sushi and I do what ever I do.  But last night Ren did the Grouse Grind (world famous accent) so she's great.

Just saw Coco's nose and eye on skype.  No sound, so I ended it due to frustration that I can't hear my Coco Bean.


  1. What is the "Grouse Grind" ?

  2. the Grouse Grind
    Not a coffee shop.