Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coco gone.

Off to Europe she went.
Taking with her Babi and Grumpa.

Raquel is in exceptional spirits, even with her missing skin & kin.

She's actually better than best which is also what Cordelia scored on her Whostery Test.

I'm not a fly, I'm a bumble bee

Apparently today when Renata said good bye to Cordelia shortly before she disappeared behind her gate, she turned and gave a quick wave and said bye and was gone.

No tears.
No look back. 

The world traveler departs.

I think that is even going to make me miss her more.

Later in the evening I opened the fridge and there was a Thomas Haas cake.
Ren had already opened and started in on some wine..


Someone turned 42 today.

Hope it's an early night for Raqu. 
I have some making up to do.......

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