Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can't even hold her hand

Back to those deep moments filled with that horrible sadness.
Raquel has huge blisters on each of her hands.
One was evident when we pulled off the bandage, but it was the one on her right hand that stopped me in my tracks.
I know I've played with her and held her hands, although it couldn't be much different than any other time.
Work and life had me push off a hand change pushing the limits and again the loss in diligence has dire results.
The dread just comes in waves as the blood and fluid pours out of her ballooning skin in drips all over the chair, floor and catch basin.
What makes it worse is her battle fighting the lancing sessions.  This usually ends in a missed strike and some more pooling blood within a blister I'd previously lanced. 

She's been so good of late and again for an oasis covered within a blink of an eye we're likely soon back to the soreness and the dreaded itch.

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  1. We celebrated your victory last post and now mourn with you in your defeat! Don't beat yourself up Ryan, it's not a disease that you can matter how hard you try!!! I