Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Up Down.

Back to Wunderkind.
She's had an exceptional day.
Full of giggles and her budding command of the English language is hysterical.
I can't say how fun it is to see how she's been developing her communication skills.
Although I'd really like to see her retain the proper request for water, instead of the "ahhh ahhh ahhh" as she opens her mouth and gestures with her thumb to fill it with cool liquid.  "Peeas".

Even though I've suggested the next day I'll start.  OR the next.  I did finally offer up some solids past modified milks.
This evening she motioned me to the floor in the kitchen to share my banana.  I can tell you the amount of courage over fear was tough to get a handle on as I let her have a few small mashed spoonfuls. It wasn't enough either, she would have eaten half the banana would I let her.
I've often struggled with how much can she taste?  Her tongue is shinny smooth and all the taste buds that you'd expect to see have been scabbed and blistered off.
So I thought.
With almost every mouthful she'd mmmmmmm.
The kid doesn't eat.  It's not like I can pretend to suggest Balkan yogurt, Sour cream and Rice milk are anything.  Does that even count?
Well, I guess against the crap flavorless yogurt her mom and dad buy a banana is ecstasy and worth every single M.
I'm reminded of a story Renata tells me about living behind the iron curtain as a youth and the corner grocery store brings in bananas.
Her dad would send each of the children to buy the maximum amount as there was no telling if or when they'd see them again.
Mmmmmm banana.

We certainly don't take anything for granted with this kid.
It's like walking for weeks in a sandy desert full of dunes.  Then plunk you've rolled down a bank and find yourself basking in an oasis.
Then without warning, in the middle of the night ,you find yourself with sand in the cracks and no reprieve from a relentless suffering.

Then plunk, another oasis.

Oh and if in the remaining dinners we're receiving has a banana thrown in, Raquel will mmmmm you with every satisfying M.

They have been great and the timing perfect, yet again.

Thank you everyone!

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  1. MMM....savour the oasis and the bananas