Friday, May 25, 2012

The kid is alright

I've been too busy with everything to update.
There have been many exciting and fun going ons outside the EB crap.

There are some funny stories I'd like to tell, but don't have much of a moment.

Raquel has certainly come on through the darkness of what was nearly two months of horrors.
In the last week we've almost got Raquel down to one awake session during the night.
Last night being one of the most benign of them all.  Seems like she just wants a cuddle when she wakes and realizes she's no longer on my chest while watching the remaining episodes of River Monsters.

Ren's been a sport and been able to do the bulk of the night time shifts once we get Raquel administered with the appropriate pain or itch relief. 

Her feet have nearly healed and very little looks to be bothering her anywhere on her external body.
We've fed her soup and maybe this weekend we might actually test that punched out esophagus with some sole (flat fish).

No vomit, No screams, No choking.
Life is perfect.

I suppose.

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  1. From the "you don't know me" person...thanks for the update. It's great to read that everyone is doing well and that Raquel is in such a good place right now. Looking forward to the "funny stories" whenever you have time to catch your breath...