Monday, May 28, 2012

EB is for SH&$

Poor kid!! Bad night followed by really bad day.

Lucky for me I had lots to do in yard, and was only mildly disturbed by crying discomforted child. Ren and my mom took turns and the brunt of the anguish through most of morning to late afternoon holding and rocking Raquel in the dark.
 I couldn't help think of Courtney (Tripps mom and hers). There was a semi emergency call to a few friends to help with a dressing change early in the morning. It was certainly one of the marriage saver type calls for help. Niether Ren or I had any patience for each other this morning  We would have grin and bared it, but why when we can spread the suffering to willing participants.  All our patience used up or saved for Raqu.
I had figured her feet were back to bloody oozing muck from the type of struggles endured through the night, but once Andrew arrived and we investigated, each foot was fine.  ????

The day continued badly for Raqu and every time I showed my face indoors I couldn't find another hard labourious job in the yard to do fast enough.
It's possibly her eyes. Could be something internal - intestine, stomach, throat???!!,!!!
No idea. Just one grumpy kid in lots of discomfort. She came through in blips, but I can tell you with exact certainty they came in the peak wave of medication.
 I caught Ren again in blue tears of Why me? Why her? Why us?
 I just turned around and went to dig more dirt. Hard to be compassionate when life sucks for 3/4 of the family. I can't afford to be blue right now. It's just too easy to get pulled right back down into that hell. Life ends up passing by and nothing gets done. At least Coco is living outside this bubble.
I don't entirely know how, but she's the brightness around here no question.

Even showing River Monster episodes to a 6 year old just before bedtime is having none of the typical effects on youth and Monster fears.  In fact it's the vast opposite, she's interested in heading to the amazon to fish for Piranha and giant cat fish.
Of course we won't go swimming.

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