Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The war of wills

1 1/2 year old baby vs. a 40 year old.
This morning was the first time I've actually been mad at Raquel.
I guess it was coming as I've tired of her wicked spirited acts of attitude.
Renata and I listened to her a few times last night fussing and it was clear she was only up for attention, but around 5am her new wrist wound was itchy as we could hear a thumping of an appendage hitting her padded crib walls.  In we run and off to the living room to calm her.  We administered what we thought appropriate for the circumstance then I tried to hold her till she went back to sleep, but she wasn't interested in Dad.  So Ren was sucked into duty while I slinked back into bed.
Once the morning finally arrived Raquel was bitter and angry.
Screaming and flailing for Renata as she prepared Cordelia's lunch and herself for work.  She actually hit new levels of fits and pure rage I'd not ever seen before. 
So who's going to break???
I did my best to talk to her and every now and again I'd get her attention and she'd instantly stop screaming and do the yes or no or this or that.  Which made it all the more unnerving when she'd jump right back into screaming and fighting when she realized she wasn't getting Renata.
By then end of it Ren and I were mad at each other for meaningless crap so much that Ren was about to leave many of my work papers in the middle of our driveway in the pouring rain.  haha.. (yes I deserved it, kind of....)

As soon as the nurse arrived I was gone too.  I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Cordelia was witness to many colourful words and had large eyes quietly observing the break down of the rest of her family.

Anyway, Raquel is in for it.
She's in for a black out.  A father with vengeance can't be good.  She'll get the point.
Cordelia had a couple similar situations, I just hope Raquel has some bend in her cause when mad I certainly don't....

Hopefully that how much she looks like me, isn't how much her personality is like mine.

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