Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stricture apparent

We had Raquel do the barium swallow.
Not exactly a procedure I was fond of.
It ended with her choking and gagging up chocolate barium screaming under an xray machine while three of us tried to keep her still.  Of course three blisters resulted at her elbow, armpit etc.
It worked though.  I was able to rest easy that my thoughts of a severe stricture in her upper esophagus was correct.
Rest easy I say.....
Rest easy that there is a decision to make of whether or not she actually needs one....
An esophagus that is.
I went over some of the options with one of our nurses "Mana" as Raquel puts it.
Another intubation, is it really worth it?
Just so she can eat/drink ice cream, water and yogurt?
Certainly regular food is never going to happen as the issues they cause.  We didn't even get to 15 months and she was in this situation.
In my opinion we've dodged many bullets to get her to this point with virtually no esophagus.

I'm going in no apparent line here.
I can't think about it anymore today.  Back to ignorance till her next GI meeting.

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