Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Miss Go!

No reports, because I don't have to vent, complain or pick at others through my diversionary projectionist idiosyncrasies.

Raquel is building that little bullish personality I've been fearing by the day.  It's getting scary and I think soon I'm going to have to lay down the brutal law like only a father can.
To date there are only two people that haven't had the GO! shouted at them when they walk in the front door, both nurses, which will give everyone a good idea at how great they are to Raquel and within our home.

I've been working a lot lately and playing too so by my absence I've been the recipient of many.  I'll even be the first into her room in the morning as she's calling out for someone to pick her up.  She'll see me or hear me (depending if she's not yet interested in opening her eyes) and just roll over onto her head with butt in air and flick out her arm saying GO.  (I want) MOMMY.  I'll then have to have a small conversation with her asking her many questions that I know she'll say no to, then start putting in a few I know she'll likely say yes to.  Finally I'll break her down and she'll say 'yes' and if I'm good in my psychological warfare with a 1 year old 'Pees, UP'.
She's similar to Cordelia (and me) by not staying grumpy too long.  It's easy to prod her into a smile or at least away from the hostility she's starting to show for people she's not ready for.

Sunday I was away for the better part of the day (not hard to guess where, I suppose)
photo - Mike Nelson

and Raquel was complaining about her wrist. 

Two weeks ago I brought up a few scenarios that Renata would have to do bandage changes.  I urged her to change her mentality from 'no chance, not ever' to being able to step in once a month if not eventually once a week.  I've had some fun emails with one of our guidance families about their roles in the bandaging and I'm very glad to share, that they back me up on this one.

But to my glee and happiness Ren has moved on did a re-wrap on Raquel's hand with the help of my mom.  She apparently pulled out some of the old card board cut outs one of our nurses made (now moved on) and did her best.  Of course Raquel still had a large blister still there today, but it was a good start and not worth pestering her at what was done wrong.  Actually, the wrapping was dare I say perfect, they just didn't cut enough of the edges so that it didn't swell back up again.  I can understand why it wasn't something they were into.  You really have to get in close with a big needle and swipe at the edges to slice/rip them.  It's tough and stressful especially when Raquel isn't interested in sitting still.

This morning was also a first for Cordelia.  Apparently Cordelia took the initiative to remove the green grimy piece of mepitel from around Raquel's G-tube, then cut out a new one which helps to prevent Raquel's G-Tube from pushing off all the skin around it.  Once cut and ready Cordelia went over to Raquel to put on, at this moment my mom walked in the door.  Uneasy to see the little blonde surgeon attend to her patient she tried to stop Cordelia, but the patient, not patient at all raised the arm and face of her palm and uttered the familiar refrain -

Once Raquel stopped her grandmother in her tracks she then pulled up her shirt to help Cordelia apply the fresh patch.

Team work.

Soon my work will here be redundant and I can ski all day everyday.  Oh right, I'm too old and ungraceful to be a pro-skier to be able to afford such illusions of grandeur.

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