Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning started even worse than Christmas

Usually we're up at our cabin tip toeing around the small patches of dirt between the landscape of snow.
The morning was a couple kids wandering around the property picking out the chocolates I wasn't able to get to, either because I was being distracted by Ren  or otherwise made to feel guilty because it's for the kids.
Kids at those ages weight about as much as one of my legs, so by proportion they are due 1/5 the chocolate I am.
3:30am a little body appears in the bed and is talking as if it's 7am.  Ren and I take turns consulting on the benefits of a return to her room among the odd mild threat to the amount of fun the long coming daylight hours may or may not be to her.
Little is accomplished as reality flashes in and out every half hour as either a quizative voice is heard or cold shoulders shocking the system to find the covers that are usually comforting me from the elements blowing the remaining days of winter through the window.
All is lost when #2 cries us up and into our day.  Once in the living room the Easter bunny had left various chocolates around for the kid already bouncing off the walls in excitement.
Honestly I don't get it.
How is this possible.  I thought Easter two years ago we had that bunny for dinner?  In fact I'm pretty sure we had enough cooked rabbit that we should have wiped out a generation of Easter bunnies.  Maybe with his magic and incredible ability to poop pre-wrapped chocolate eggs he/she was able to evade capture and the delicious Czech cuisine BC mountain style to drop eggs another day.

Oh well. 

Raquel in all of this was in heaven like the oldest.  Her little rant lasted only moments this morning.
By 6:30 am the four of us were off for what is Cordelia and I's Sunday routine a muffin and a game of UNO.  I finally beat Cordelia too.  Maybe having her pester me from such an early time made me slightly more competitive than usual.  She did make a late and nearly stunning comeback, but I was able to thwart the 6 year old in the end.  Raquel sitting beside Cordelia and I at first was loaded into a wooden child seat.  She's sat in it before, but maybe I'd had a second blanket or maybe she didn't struggle to get out as much as when Renata isn't there.

Anyway, once home after a second Bunny chocolate run at a friends house that started at 8am we noticed a giant blister that can be squarely blamed on me.  Literally when I lanced it a pin prick of fluid arched from the backside of her knee to the counter beyond her change mat and when I finally got under the water sack to slice the bottom the remaining fluid poured out in a flush pooling on her blankets.

Raquel let out only a mild whimper.  She shivered a bit when I attempted a little mepitel cutting to maybe hold the skin back down to reattach.  It's been working when we get to this type of unpunctured wound quickly.  How I'm going to get this one to reattach is beyond me.  It covers the entire area behind her knee and it's ugly...

Really how painful is that going to be?

Then off to the Wentzel's for the third Easter Egg hunt.  Raquel was well looked after.  She was given little plastic eggs with jelly beans and things Ren & I quickly discarded (ate).
By the end Ren and I couldn't get out fast enough to get in a little nap.  Thankfully we were able to lose a child.  Raqu fell asleep before we even got home so it was a wonderful afternoon nap.
I then returned the favor of looking after Kai for a few hours.
Everything was going so well.
Until Ren wanted another little break to go read her book, Raquel noticed the conversation leading up to Renata leaving and started to cry and fuss wanting mommy.  It was then she started at the door (open as spring has arrived).  Half laying down I reached for her arm, she pulled,I pulled leading to a quick pivot and face plant onto the carpet.
The crying brings Ren and me feeling rather small and very stupid.

It gets better.

Kai is bouncing on our yoga ball shortly after Andrew arrived to take him back home.  We are chitchatting and I get Kai to bounce on the ball with me helping getting a little air.  Cordelia and I have done similar things where I pull her hips down and let go, she gets slightly vaulted into the air and lands on her feet or has to make a safety roll of sorts.  Lots of these games used to end up with some tears.  Since Raquel has been born, Cordelia has rarely been damaged because one of my plans goes slightly askew.  I'm either getting OLD or maybe more conscientious.

So why wasn't I careful with Kai?  Why did I bounce him off the ball straight up in the air and then straight back down onto the carpet with his face breaking the fall?  


Adults too get that over chocification that often makes the children wild and irrational.
 Kai's is a little harder to see, but I can assure the readers it wasn't a simple faceplant by loosing one's footing.  Raquel's on the other hand was only a small graze and by comparison for my days work a visual nightmare.
 Those questions we get in public?  This and the two huge skinless areas under her chin will surely get a raised eyebrow.  Hopefully they are the same people that saw us on TV and or in the paper.

Take me to a quiet place.

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