Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to the itch

Hell hath no fury like the mind and body of a child consumed by 'the itch'.
Where her parents hold her in near straight-jacket form.
Finally some clarity to Raquel's current ailment. As I hold her (blogging while waiting for her to drift off) her body is twitching in rapid fire. She gets off the odd deep dig with a toe or heel in an attempt of an itch but as long as I'm in charge I'm doing my best to hold her off.
Its taken a few songs but now she only requires one hand to keep her from damaging herself.  The stress level is somewhat palpable although the smell is terrible radiating from her foot.

I was a bad dad today, as I forgot my plan to do a change today. Too busy dragging a tree around and digging a hole to replant it. With many helpers and advice from nearly every passersby it may live.
Bigger hole, bone meal, not deeper than the crown, lots of water etc etc. What is it about sunny days and work in the yard where virtually ever person walking/driving by has to impart advice?
I was totally content battling it out with Grumpa.

Anyway I'm hoping there's a lot more healing going on under those bandages.
Earlier at friends house she unspooled her hand dressing and (gasp?) went without protection for a couple hours.
It's probably exactly what's going to lessen my laws of total control.  More free time without issue.

She's finally calm.


  1. we have started using Cocoanut oil on my son's wounds. not only has healing time increased but the itching seems to have decreased! awesome stuff!!!

  2. Thanks.
    We have emu oil that we haven't tried - yet.
    Cocoanut oil sounds interesting if not smelling better than rotting foot.