Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still, thankfully little to report.

I'm up at 3 am.  So there's that.
It's minor though as she has many little blisters at the hard crusty scab level that are probably causing some itching and mild irritation when she's sleeping.  I've completely forgotten what it's like to wake up to crying child on a regular basis.
Two nights in a row for 15 minutes now constitutes for a regular basis.
Well maybe we listened to her low level cries for 20 minutes before we responded as a team to get her back down quickly.  I'm in the rare moment where my brain is humming along without much interest in rest.
Raquel's words just keep coming.  It seems like she gets a new couple every other day.
Yesterday was about getting ready.
'shoes', but for Cordelia 'boots' as that's all she wears these days.
'Got it'.

As she directed Renata and Cordelia to also get dressed so that we could go outside.  Ren was headed off in another direction for the rare exercise she finds time for.  Cordelia, Raquel and I were off for something all together counter productive to indulgence control.
Seems I have two berry monsters.  I unfortunately picked some strange pistachio mistake that tasted more like a perfume sundae.  Cordelia had the blueberry and Raquel was very eager to get as many spoons as possible.  Of course I was panicked a bit about all the small seeds that might be still stuck in her esophagus.  It now occurs to me that the blood Ren thought she saw near her mouth while we were putting her down earlier in the evening was probably blueberry stain.  I tried to sneak bits of mine in, but she was wise to how terrible it tasted.  Considering she doesn't have any thing that looks like a taste bud on her tongue (all calloused over and shinny smooth from the continuous damage feeding and sucking on bottles prior to G-Tube), I'm continually surprised at how responsive she is to taste.

It was also funny as when we brought her into the Gelato store I carried her in in my arms as soon as I put her down she trudged off back toward the door pointing to the kids seat.  I didn't even see it when I entered.  Not only did she see it, she saw which one she wanted.
Yup in following in her sisters colour preference Red it was.  (pink!!)

Like her words.
Her personality is coming and asserting its self every day.
She's a happy go lucky - ham.  Much like her big sister.
And for all the reasons for her not to be.  She hasn't a care.  

Skiing with Coco and the boys.

I have to admit I was a little scared for her when I turned off the camera.  The slope somehow seemed way steeper with her little body against the fall line.  Didn't help that she was in the middle of a no fall zone. 

Andrew moments before he went flying off a little bump then crashed heavily into another little bump.
Chicken legs, nearly did himself in.  Later that night we had the Wentzels over for dinner and the guy could barely walk.  MAN would it have sucked to be part of the evening news for all the wrong awareness reasons.
The snow was about as difficult to ski in as you'll find anywhere.  Once the skis cut through the freeze crust wind layer it was like being a train and all the while wanting to be a car.  There was very little opportunity to do any fun turns, we were basically locked in till the flow of the turn would naturally take you into the next.  Which is a big reason I got to split a gut watching Andrew pound his face into a snow bank.
It was amazing and we were wishing we could stay and climb all day, but then there are wives and children and instead of a train wanting to be a car........?
Ummm, I think if I write the other analogy I'm thinking of I might get boxed by either Andrew's wife or mine. 


  1. looks like you had some fun on the slopes!..
    Gelato?..yummy as long as you pick the right flavor!

  2. Hey Ry, finally found the time to catch up on the latest news in your blog - the article and the TV story were great - it was funny to "watch" you live on the internet... much better than only by virtual, e-mailing...
    big bro came home with many exciting stories from this short trip to YVR, sure sounds like you had a good time!
    Raquel is absolutely wonderful, an angel! Give our love to her, Ren, Coco, P&R - biggest hug from Germany! K

  3. I'm glad you didn't write about the wives.