Monday, March 5, 2012

Painting. Now it's daddies turn.

Cordelia has been having fun for the recent while, as we send her off to one of my old studio mates atelier to learn.  I'm a big fan of what she's been doing and love how much she's getting out of it.  There is that funny thing when parents live vicariously through their children that's starting to emerge here.  I'd been wondering for years if I'd ever get any time or energy to quell the passions for painting and sculpture of years gone by.  I haven't painted since Cordelia was born, now with Raquel and all that follows her around, the concept seemed even further from a dream. 

Except, after the EB blues the other day, attacking a languishing canvas was extremely rewarding.
The under-painting was part of a war series I worked on. Fun composition to start from, glad it was killed (so to speak) and now with a new narrative.

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