Thursday, March 1, 2012

Missing Simona's frank reality

So is Raquel.
After such a busy last week our most cherished extended family fixture has flown the coup for a trip that I've dreamed about since 1992.
A bicycle trip around Cuba.  Tropics, ancient cars and lost in time.
The ancient car part is very important when thinking of a bicycle journey.  Having ridden from Lisbon to Frankfurt in not an exact straight time line or route, being passed from the under powered cars of Portugal to the insane drivers of Italy, I can attest to the great difference and possibly false sense of security of long listening to a car approach from behind vs the shock and instant wind cyclone sucking you in and out of traffic..

Not that I've ever smoked, but the smell of clean fresh tobacco is actually quite nice and I imagine the little bars or what ever there is along the roads would be interesting, if not the fields growing it.
I don't know if this is fact or the fiction of my mind, I just know I've always wanted to go there.  Taking in what ever experience comes our way.

These are the kind of trips I've planned to take my kids on half a life ago.  On several occasions traveling Europe by bicycle I'd seen families packed and bundled onto tandem-cycles slowly meandering through the country side.  The kids loved it and the freedom is something else.  Unlike much of the worlds perception of freedom = speed.  The pace and working for what you see is something I'd always loved, not to mention the gratification that is associated with it.  Especially when you've finally found yourself in the Swiss Alps and thinking back to the thousands of KM you've covered.  Ho hum, the glory of another lifetime.

Back to drawing board.  Currently I'm thinking sailing will be the key to this type of travel post EB.  Just haven't figured out how we'll get Raquel past rough seas or monster motor boat without pushing off every bit of skin she has.  Especially her butt.  It can be very monotonous hitting wave after wave after wave for 4, 6, 10 hrs at a time.
Maybe we pack her into a mini sumo suit?  I guess that way Raquel will also float when she gets bounced off deck.

Anyone have a Vangaard Nomad for sail?  I mean sale?

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