Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bath tub

Over all it's going as well as possible right now.
It's easy to over look the fact her pillow has had a few blood stains or this afternoons trickle of blood coming from her mouth and the gurgles that usually follow such events during diaper changes.
She's just so happy the rest of the time and her new words have been coming in fast fire that all that seems like nothing.

We've been watching UP during dressing changes and other moments we need her still with minimal parental involvement (ie when she's plugged into a feed).  There's a few times in the movie where all the dogs go bizzerk when they think they see a squirrel.  Raquel now points and says squirrel to every squirrel she sees.
Similar to the craw craw when she sees a crow.
Vancouver is full of both as nearly every small stand of trees has one or the other.

The baths have become remarkably less about screaming.  Unfortunately for me, it was shortly after Ren started to go back to work as she has seldom been part of the changes anymore.  It could be that Raquel is maturing, or that I'm super-duper dad.
I think it's obvious to those who've read many of these blogs to know which I'm leaning to.

Today, though.

We had to call Dammit Janet in for help as there wasn't a day nurse today to help with the change.  Her second spawn Lyric was also here helping.  I'm not sure why after doing changes every other day for over a year now that I still forget half my supplies in the other room.  It often happens when we're half way though a foot and there is no conform bandage.
Lyric was very helpful today as I'd forgotten more then usual.  Probably because of what went down before hand.

Back a bit to the bathroom and Raquel is standing in her blowup insert tub full of water and bleach grabbing her various water toys and chucking them into the tub.  Something she does when Coco's having her bath.  In fact it's a real pain as she inevitably gets her dressing soaked.

Most of the time during these baths I have a blanket and am steadying her under her arms while the nurse or whom ever sponges and washes her.  Generally the whole time she's nervously telling me 'done', done' 'done' but nothing overly serious.
But when her hair is washed all restraint is gone.  At that point it's crazy in there as she's hopping, screaming and doing her best to ward off other hands from her head.
Today we'd done the hair and every thing had calmed back down and she was pushing her toys under the water from a crouched position.  Yeah, forget getting her to sit in the tub.
I stopped holding her for likely no reason whatsoever and look away.  In that second she teeters and falls backward into the wall and bump out of the tub, rubbing her back and elbows as she slips right back into the insert blowup tub.  My heart and nerves were shot instantly.  I wasn't holding the fleece blanket and didn't dare grab her with my bare hands and basically had to wait and watch her slump into a static position.
There were a few curse words followed by some minor panic before I was able to get her back up and safe, wondering how badly damaged her back would be.

When Ren came home I tried to explain the bathtub incident as well as another one which had Raquel jumping  on her chair with Cordelia as safety adviser, she ended up doing an endo off the side and landing on her head.
Funny how all this happened within 45 minutes of Ren coming home.
Lucky for me I exaggerate often and she didn't believe me off the bat, so the initial shock of the possibility of two giant blisters was eased into reality.

Thankfully the reality of two giant blisters wasn't that.  She only had one about two inches round.

Ren puts padding at the front and rear of the insert tub.
Had I,
nothing would have happened.

Dammit Janet!!!!!

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