Monday, February 6, 2012

Year Two - Sun Peaks Family Adventure

Just before we left for a 5 hr car ride to one of our favorite family ski resorts Raquel developed a blister on each butt cheek.  The weekend was a blur of terrible diaper changes.  She hates them to begin with, but when they hurt like that, we all suffer.
This is her first diaper change after the car ride at the end of the trip.  I guess after 4 hrs of sitting in one spot the diaper stuck and pulled off some of the healing skin.  She rarely gets any blisters there, but has had a steady stream of them in the last few months, but nothing to compare to this.
I'm reminded of one of Tripp's photos and this actually doesn't even compare to how much skin was missing on him...  Suffering is suffering I guess.
Once we finally got ahead of her pain cycle she's been great.  Her ear infection morphed into a nasty cold so she would intermittently cough up mucus and today it's been mixed with some blood. When she finishes hacking she's back to being her happy self.
She's a mystery.

At present moment (video below) she's acting like a ham and stressing out Renata as she won't stop playing and refuses to sleep.  I wonder if those flippers will give her two big blisters at her ankles??

I have to admit, during our trip I didn't spend a whole lot of time with Raquel outside dressing changes and late night cuddles to stop her cries.  Lots goes on in a house with four adults four kids and the odd grandparent.  The first couple nights weren't much fun, the second two were bearable.  As a result of being an absent father there weren't a lot of photos of her in action during our little trip.  The best one would have been her walking around in the snow at base station, I was too worried about the inappropriate foot wear to let her walk more then two or three minutes.  SUPER Babi brought her down to the base of the mountain with the stroller to see us each mid day before the big nap.  Wow does that kid sleep well in the frigid temperatures.  Not sure if that's kept her with a terrible cold or not?  You gotta live and experience right?
Andrew was sticking me every opportunity he had at how incredible my mom is.

'Yes I know'.

Ella on a few occasions showed up with socks on her hands.  It took a while for us to figure out she was just copying Raquel.  Very cute.  There were no Fang like incidences which I feared during the trip.  So I guess I can remove 'The Fang' moniker.  Hmmmm she is the daughter of Maria, so maybe I'll just put her on a year probation before it really goes?

What I did do for Raquel was spend some time talking to the adaptive ski group who had a few booths with the many sleds they'd built for people with physical disabilities.  They have one perfect for her.  It's a fiber glass with adjustable seat and foot area on two ski's with outriggers.  The cock-pit area seems very well fortified with another hand bar that goes up over her waist.  It'd be easy to coat the whole inside with padding.  Maybe down the road my sculptural abilities could help the people making them to do some fiber-glassing.
Pipe dream, but that's the only way for me.
The outriggers should stop most of the crashes from flipping.  It shouldn't take much to make two more small roll bars that go the length to prevent total annihilation by way of road (slope) rash for your typical zero percent collagen athlete.
She'll be able to turn her head and adjust her shoulders and pivot the seat to carve like the rest of us.
She won't be powering down the moguls unless I pilfer all my languishing mountain bike parts for the extra cushion required, but with the right speed and encouragement we could get her down a wide open slope of fresh powder.  I imagine it'll be something near kayaking in the waves.  Pretty exciting for me to think she'll not miss a beat when the family heads off on our yearly adventure.  

Although I'd better start saving as the base model for youngsters is in the $3000 range.
The most exciting part is the adaptive ski program here in Vancouver which is linked to the ski team we'd like to enter Cordelia in next year.  On the boys weekly night on the slopes we see a few types of the sleds going at it up Grouse Mountain.
I guess we'll have to get her off all her pain meds if she's Olympic bound.  She sure won't be able to use Ross Rebagliati's excuse.

Above is Kai in the Spider man shirt behind Raquel.  He will become the skier his dad is plus some, even with those chicken legs he's inherited.  At four he did a full day on the big slopes, had some good turns and great crashes.  After all that he was still up at 7 pm urging anyone he could for us to go for yet another hot tub.  Super Kai.
Do you think after I bought Cordelia this huge chocolate cookie, she'd want to share any with me?  Any chance I had to steal some she'd start yelling for help from the others around us.  So not to seem like an abusive father I had to sit quietly and wait for her to graciously give me a couple crumbs. 
 A couple of my main fishing buddies came up for the day and brought a drive partner.  It was an excellent day.  Ren and I took turns taking turns with them while super mom (my mom) looked after Raquel.  Grumpa and her had their own digs a km away so in the end they could relax.

Andrew and I took a walk into the back country for a little off piste exploration.  Not exactly the coast mountains we're used to.  Way in the background to the right is where our summer cabin happens to be.  Way down in the valley it's hard to believe there are actual alpine peaks around.
Twilight ski home in peace, well after the lifts had closed.

I just couldn't film her any more.  I was getting sick just watching her go over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
Yes Super Kai watched then did it him self.  Over and over and over.
Wanna know who's going to represent Canada from NV during the 2026 Olympics in freestyle skiing, racing or what ever they got going then?

Woke up in morning to see Maria making pancakes.
I asked her if she recognized the bowl she mixed the pancakes in.
Vampire soup anyone?

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