Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seems my little Princess is getting famous

We'll see.
We had a call to push the last article from the North Shore News into a different media form.
Exciting and scary.
Hopefully the direction is good, hard to know.
Erin who wrote the article suggested we'd get a further call or two.
It was interesting as Raquel decided the night before the photo shoot to do a face plant into Renata's knee pushing off the skin on her lips.
Wonder what phase of the moon Raquel will be living then?

Anyway she's great now.  A few bumps and a couple grumpy nights.
This is her breaking into my Moms Tupperware cupboard.
I'm pretty sure that bowl made pancakes since I was Cordelia's age.

The back edge freaks me out and I do my best to take it away from her as fast as I see it on her head.  The joy of blisters in the folds of her neck at the edge of a clothing collar.
But nearly every time we go over, at some point in the evening she walks out into the living room with her helmet.
It's ridiculously cute.
The bottom picture I'm pleading for her to take it off and she's looking at me with her big blue eyes holding it tight and saying Neeewwww.  The sequence shot would be her little butt running away from me.

Today Raquel discovered a new tactic in her wound care.
She pointed to her foot and said Aaawoooiii. As in possible blister.
I pushed and squeezed it to see if she flinched.
Problem was, it felt puffier then the bandage material even though she didn't seem to feel any direct pain from my prodding.
It wasn't a dressing change day, but to nip it in the bud we pulled apart the right foot.
Again, nothing.
Then she's bending over in her chair pointing to the next foot and saying the same thing.
I had to think, but wasn't sure if I'd pulled apart the right foot or was the left foot the right foot?
Apart came the next bandage and nothing.
She was happy swirling her feet in the small bowl we use for those washes.  Then started the big fuss to let her hands get into the water too.
Within minutes she had won and the whole lot came off and we were doing an unscheduled change.
By the time we were done it was nearly 9.
Good grief.
Again.  Our kids staying up way past their bed time.

If they both become highly neurotic later in life I'll have at least one more reason beside the hoops I make them jump through to blame it on.

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