Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hands with limited freedom

I'm a complete control freak.
I let Raquel in the last few dressing changes start to play much more with her hands before they go back in the wrap.
She's been good and so far so good.
Walking around on her own free handed isn't in her cards as of yet, but not too far off.
Her range of movement is very good, although her fingers look a little awkward at times, but mostly in the first few minutes out of the wrap.
Today I thought she'd protest when it was time to re-wrap but she hardly flinched.  It was nice and hopefully she'll let it happen for the foreseeable future.

Our Czech family suggested Raquel looks like a terrorist in this photo.

 To me she just looks like she's got a bit of a head ache or sensitive eyes to light.  Typical look for most mornings.

Although today she slept in and woke in an amazing mood.  Currently she has no wounds of mention (three smaller than a dime), hasn't coughed blood in three or four days and as a result sleeps rather peaceful.


Two nights in a row now that she went to bed before Renata and I and woke well after us without a peep in between.
Both mornings I woke up very very groggy.
Too much sleep is bad for you apparently.

Ten of us out for beer night to watch the Juniors.  Giants vs Silvertips.
Last year the Giants were creamed 9-1
I think they won this year.....
If my vision wasn't already this blurry I'd have noticed to take a second shot
If those two don't have a fishing rod in their hands it's their Iphone and blackberry, if not watching it sink to the bottom or a lake or river...
I think Moe (left) had a good time if they'd very put down their phones and me my beer.
I was lucky Raqu decided to sleep those nights. I think Ren would have made me suffer.


  1. I think, her fingers are super looking and skilfull. Great work. Doufam, ze to zni stejne, jako to myslim. ...ze ruce ma Raquel sikovne a vypadaji velmi dobre. Martina

    1. Jo zvladlas to velmi dobre Marti, Renca