Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bor Waldemar Athony Verkroost

This is a guy I met while in Netherlands at the Debra Congress.
We sat together for a short while at the closing dinner party.  He absolutely cracked me up.  His total outlook on life is to be admired.  In my short time chatting with him I got the gist of what is in his few blog entries.

I'm a little anxious that maybe his cancer has been aggressive since we met in October since there are no entries past the late summer and his entries were somewhat bleak on the cancer front.  I can't remember the number of surgeries he told me he's had for cancer and what else, but it was an unfathomable number that made me listen in shock.
I'm glad I finally found a few of the missing business cards I collected while there.
I'm sure some of you will find his humour as welcome as I.

I remember Raquel's first team meeting which happened the first day we got her on the morphine.
We were talking about her appetite and I had some dumb comment about the munchies. I remember blushing a bit to push the conversation that way in a room full of trained specialist Doctors. When our pain guy quickly explained that opiates aren't in the category I'm suggesting and maybe in 18 years or so we can bring this up again.

While in Groningen, Netherlands Bor did a little presentation on his pain control in front of the auditorium.
At the end he asked if anyone in the audience was interested in trying the vaporizer and that they could come down then and try.
There was nervous laughter smattered amongst the crowd.

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